Dear Ebi: The Advice Column (April 2, 2018)




Dear Ebi,

I need your help ASAP! I am in a relationship with this real down to Earth young lady. She treats me well and we’re like two peas in a pod, even in the short amount of time that we’ve been dating. I am a college student here at Alcorn State University and I think that the environment is getting the best of me. It’s like every time I look around, there’s a beautiful woman approaching me. My girlfriend is the bomb and I don’t want to lose her but temptation has been strong lately. How do I stay faithful within my new relationship without straying?

Chocolate Drizzle


Hey there Drizz,

I understand and yes we are tempted but it’s more of a mindset. You have to keep the other person in mind when making decisions because you are working with another person’s heart. Communication is everything. Being around more people can be overwhelming and our high school selves think that we might be ready for a relationship but in actuality we’re really not. I think you should get fully accustomed to your environment before making major decisions such as getting too deeply involved a relationship. Also, make sure you talk it over with your girlfriend about any further decisions you want to make when it comes to whether or not you both want to continue being together. If that’s what you truly want. Remember it’s no rush to be in a relationship.