Dear Ebi: The Advice Column (September 14, 2018)



Dear Ebi,

I’m a Junior here at Alcorn and I really like this girl. She’s beautiful and has everything that I want in a female. The only thing that bothers me is that she’s coming out of a very rough and abusive relationship and is very cautious in her actions. I want her to know that I’m not like any guy she’s ever been with and I want to take care of her. How should I go about doing so?




Hey Rico7,

This is very sweet and without even knowing how long you have known her, it seems that you have genuine feelings for her. She is coming from a rough place and also from a place where her trust might have been tested and even lost completely. I say if you really feel like you want to step up and be the man in her life one day, take it day by day and show her that you can be that friend and companion that she needs. Do not force yourself upon her because she might not take well to that right off hand. Move steadily and make her comfortable and everything should work out in your favor.