Dear Ebi: The Advice Column (January 30, 2018)


Dear Ebi,






My problem is somewhat twofold.  Not only am I a 20-year-old collegiate alcoholic but my parents are high ranking members in the community of my hometown. My father is a pastor and my mother is a high school principal. I realize I need help but I just can’t force myself to tell them this tragic news. It would devastate them. Ebi, how can I come to grips with my drinking problem and how do I break the news to my folks wihtout crushing them?


Alocholics Anonymous

Here’s What I Think:

Hey, I can only imagine what is going through your head. My number one piece of advice to you is to keep a confident mindset about your  situation. I completely understand you not wanting to reveal this to your parents. My mom along with yours works in the school system and their personalities at times can be hard to confess certain things to at times. And when it comes to your father being a pastor, us growing up in church makes us feel highly guilty for certain things we do because they are not in line with the beliefs and teachings we have all throughout our lifetime. If I were you, I would begin rehabilitation then tell your parents. Of course they will be disappointed but they will be proud that you stepped up and have begun to better yourself not just to please them but to make yourself healthier. I wish you the best.