Ask O: The Advice Column (March 30, 2021)


Dear O:

My problem began when I was heavily invested in a toxic relationship. I really gave it my all. I introduced this girl to my family and did everything she would ask of me. I know perfection doesn’t exist, but I had to be really close to it in this relationship. As time began to progress, things just weren’t the same. She started to become distant, more agitated by me than usual and simply just was not the girl that I initially got into a relationship with. For my health, I had to end the relationship. Ending it left me heartbroken and carefree. How do I get over this hump? I think I am ready to love again O.


A Hopeless Romantic

Dear A Hopeless Romantic:

There is nothing wrong with being really invested in a relationship, but know your boundaries. Don’t ever spread yourself so thin for someone who is not reciprocating that same energy. In the end, you only leave yourself bruised. Again, there is nothing wrong with being a kind hearted lover because you do reap what you sow and one day that same love you give will find you and it’ll be a marvelous experience. Until that time comes, focus on yourself. Love yourself a little more because after your past relationship, you deserve that. Don’t be so eager to open another door if you have already acknowledged the fact that you are heartbroken and carefree. Honestly, you’re not as ready to love again as you think. Take this time and heal. Be patient with yourself.

Always love,