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Delesha Banks /Yard Runners

Up-and-coming fashion model and creative, Delesha Banks is a Senior Mass Communications major from Camden, Mississippi. She has worked with numerous photographers, stylists, and other creatives in the nearby Mississippi area. In her childhood, Banks would always dive into beauty as her parents would often buy her makeup, nail sets, and play dress-up, allowing her to express her creativity at a very young age.

Banks was heavily inspired by America’s Next Top Model when she realized that modeling was something that she wanted to pursue. In 2020, she had her first professional photoshoot and became hooked. She described the process as surreal as the feeling of getting glammed up in front of a camera and expressing her creativity was something that felt natural and passionate.

Banks’ style is unique as she does not typically follow trends and tries to create her own lane as to what she likes to do and wear. The styles of the 60s, 70s, and 90s are very influential for her and her style. The following periods reflect a time of freedom and funkiness, embracing black women and their natural hair, happiness, and all-around sexy feminine energy, which is how she likes to reflect herself. 

Apart from being signed to a modeling agency, Banks is also currently a part of the Gentlemen and Queen’s Modeling Squad here at Alcorn State University. Before joining the modeling organization, she said that she didn’t realize the foundation of walking and what all went into it, such as posture, strutting, etc., until joining the Squad, which helped her overall modeling tremendously. Her favorite fashion show that she participated in was titled “Fashion: Styles of Curation,” which featured and highlighted different fashion aesthetics and showcased her as an actual runway model.

A piece of advice Banks gives young ladies wanting to pursue modeling advice is, “Always be and stay true to yourself. Never subject yourself to societal beauty standards, and forever embrace yourself and live your life to the fullest.” Her post-graduation plans include working in the news/entertainment industry while pursuing her modeling career.

Banks is a mogul in the making that will always exercise her different talents and capabilities as she continues to rise towards success.

Ladarrius Besst
Ladarrius Besst
Ladarrius Besst is a Senior Mass Communications major from Jackson, Mississippi. He will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2022-2023 school year.


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