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D’Marius Jones: 22 Blessings

D’Marius Jones is a man with a promising future, but an unpromising past. Born on June 11, 2000, in Jackson, Mississippi, he was raised by his mother, Anita Bolls, and grandmother, Gloria Bolls. He attended North Jackson Elementary School, Kirksey Middle School, and Callaway High School. Growing up, he often found himself in solitude. His caregivers were constantly on the go, with work being the main reason behind it. There was no absence of love in his life but there was an absence of a father. Those who he did view as his father figures and role models, his uncles and cousins, were in and out of prison. The constant incarceration of his family members desensitized the idea of jail to him. Prison and violence was something he was exposed to from a young age, nor feared. His love for football was one of the things that sparked his curiosity from the early stages of his life. His grades in school were adequate since good grades were needed to participate in football, not because he enjoyed school.

The next chapter of Jones’s life would change him forever. It was in his high school years around 10th grade, that the distance between his school, sports, and family grew. The time spent playing football, attending school, and hanging out with family was soon replaced with crimes, such as robberies and armed robberies. On March 14, 2017, Jones was shot 22 times by the police after a high-speed chase. “When I stopped the car, it was instantly shot up. I was given no warning to stop, or hold up my hands. However, being that I did commit a crime, I don’t like to use that as an excuse to what happened to me. Rather, a lesson I learned and grew from in hopes to inspire young men to change who are currently in positions I was once in myself. ”

Physically, his recovery took 6 months. During this period, he had to relearn how to walk, stand, and move his limbs. This experience and recovery process opened the doors for his relationship with God and after serving four months in the Oakley Youth Development Center, a juvenile detention facility located in Hinds County, Mississippi, which holds Mississippi’s most dangerous youth offenders, it gave him a clear insight into his purpose in life and the man he wanted to become.

Once Jones returned home, his extreme efforts to graduate on time led him to his class of 2018’s graduation. He attended Holmes Community College and received an Associates degree in Mass Communications. In 2019, he began his musical career speaking on his past, present, and current life. Writing is not only his passion, but a gift he’s had since he was young. This career choice allows him to spread knowledge and tell his story to everyone, especially the youth.

He spreads his story through various ways including poems, music, speaking engagements and now, books. His experience with getting shot 22 times encouraged him to publish his new and first book “22 Blessings” which can be found exclusively on his website www.tcbdee.com, and the E-book on Amazon. His book was written to encourage, uplift, and inspire everyone of all ages, but certainly those who find themselves trying to overcome mental health issues and urban hardships.

Today, Jones does speaking engagements and continues his musical career while attending Alcorn State University where he is working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. His goals consist of becoming a mainstream artist, best-selling author, business investor, and continuing being the best father he knows he can be to his daughter, D’Mari.

Charlie Bal
Charlie Bal
Charlie Bal is a Graduating Senior from Phoenix, Arizona majoring in Mass Communications. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the Fall 2023 semester.


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