Do you believe true love exists? Why?


Armand Barry Williams Jr.


Computer Networking Technology


Roxie, Mississippi

Yes, I believe everybody on Earth has a match for themselves. What I mean by that is you’re meant to be with someone. That someone can be someone you know now, someone you met a long time ago, or someone you haven’t met yet. Either way, I believe we all have a person we will find true love with.


Hannah Drake


Applied Science

Graduate Student

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Yes, I believe true love only exists when you find a person that is compatible with you. The love has to be unconditional with understanding and patience and most importantly the love must come from God.


Dmunn Jackson


Computer Science


Port Gibson, Mississippi

Honestly, I have no clue, but it all depends on who the person is with.


Qituwra Alexander




Atlanta, Georgia

Yes, I do believe true love exists. People sometimes use love to harm or manipulate others, but once you’re really in love with somebody everything that they do affects you. True love is finding yourself lost in your thoughts from thinking about them and always wanting to talk to them or be near them. Love conquers all and with that love there could be so many different outcomes. I actually have a true love and it’s amazing. I believe everyone has a true love.


Veronica Williamson


Biology Pre-Med


Jackson, Mississippi

Yes, I believe everyone has the ability to love and be loved. We all have someone who’s meant to truly love us. They may or may not be the same age, race, religion, sex, or in the same location as you but no matter what, true love still exists.