Donald Trump? Really?


This presidential race has been an interesting one to say the least. Each candidate is unique and brings a personality or viewpoint that has not been seen in recent memory. Bernie Sanders is an unashamed socialist. While many candidates shy away from the topics, he meets them head on. Hillary Clinton is the first female candidate with a legitimate chance of winning the Presidency of the United States and Donald Trump is a money making tycoon who is making a recent shift into politics. His morals and politics however, just do not add up. Trump should stick to making money and fade back to black. He is definitely not presidential material.

The fact that Trump is even being considered as a legitimate option as Commander and Chief to the USA is ridiculous. Perhaps it is proof that the Republican Party has no candidates worth mentioning. Maybe it shows how many racist bigots populate this country. His pitch is laced with extreme levels of racism and bigotry. Almost every time he opens his mouth, it is must see TV because you are bound to hear something ridiculous and outrageous. His campaign almost doesn’t need funding for promotion because the media does it for him. Trump’s plan must be to keep saying shocking things to say in the public eye so he remains relevant and publicized. If that is his plan then in a sense, he is succeeding.

One thing that the American public loves him for is that he speaks his mind, without filter. Trump often says the things that an opinionated common man would say on the street. He is unapologetic and often politically incorrect. After decades of politicians who are afraid to say what they actually feel, many people might say Trump’s approach is refreshing. In my opinion, it is not the fact that he speaks his mind that is disturbing but the hate and disregard for certain classes of citizens that make him look unequipped for the presidency.

To the people who are in favor of Trump being the president, ask yourselves, Does he have the moral compass of someone who you would entrust the next 4 to 8 years of your life with? Are his policies up to par with what is to be expected from a president? Does his verbal lashings at minorities not concern you? People may like what Trump stands for but not many can state his actual policies off the top of their heads. For example, when asked numerous questions during the Republican debate on Fox, he gave vague answers, clearly avoiding the questions. Trump has no idea how to run a country. He was fed with a silver spoon all his life and cannot relate to the plight of the middle class.

Of course, the elephant in the room is Donald Trump’s immigration policy. He has made several ignorant comments against Mexicans and plans to build a wall to keep them out of the USA. It was revealed that a lot of Mexicans work for him and a lot of his construction and manufacturing of buildings were done by Mexicans.  Once again, this was brought to Trump’s attention and he had no idea how to answer. Building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out is not even feasible. It would cost billions of dollars, a price that the United States of America is not equipped to pay and Trump provides no legitimate plan of how to provide funding. He is a selfish bigot who wants to be president only to feed his massive ego and gain as much power as he can. If the American public knows what’s best for them, they would not vote in his favor.