Every person in the world has a dream

Some do and some don’t succeed

But my dream is more than a want

In my mind, it’s already guaranteed

Not because I want it to happen

But because it’s something I truly need

People come and hear my dream life

And they give fictitious support

They’ll make me feel like it’s all accomplishable

Until the first time it falls short

Then they want to blow the whistle

And tell me to stop playing on my court

The dream chaser in me knows to not give in

Especially at the first bump in the road

It’s going to be many more hurdles

Going to be a pretty princess hiding a terrible toad

A down dog that’s a spiteful snake

People with no real honor code

They catch all of us dreamers

But I always hold sight

Of the things that matter most

Not the maybe and never the might

Cause in my dreamland,

Everything is quite alright.

Janee Washington
Janee Washington
Janee Washington is a Senior Mass Communications major from New Orleans, Louisiana. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 school year.


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