Dressing For Your Body Type


With fashion trends constantly changing every season it can be difficult trying to come up with unique looks. We all know that the clothes we wear represent our personality, and choosing an outfit can become easier when we know what flatters our figure. As women, it is imperative that we know our body type. The three commonly known body types are hourglass, pear, and rectangle. Once you learn what kind of shape you have you will be amazed at how well you will be able to build a wardrobe you love.

The most commonly known body type is the hourglass figure. Society has put pressure on women to think of this body shape as perfection when in actuality every woman’s natural shape is unique. To classify a woman’s body as being an hourglass her bust, hips, and thighs must be the same size and she must have a well-defined waist. When you are putting an outfit together for this body type you want to show off your curves. To do this it is imperative that you stay away from high necklines, tops with ruffles, over-embellished dresses, and low rise jeans. To best flatter this figure you should wear pencil skirts that reach the top of the knee so you can show off the lower portion of your curves. You should also wear full circle A-line tops, V necklines, and bodycon dresses. When putting an outfit together for this shape it’s important to remember that less is best.

When it comes to dressing for a pear-shaped body it is completely opposite from an hourglass figure. A pear shape is when the hips and thighs are larger than the bust. Instead of keeping it simple you want to focus on the top by adding layers. When you add layers like a boxy jacket and a simple necklace, it draws attention away from your torso and hips. By doing this, you will allow your body to look proportionate. When choosing clothes you should look for things that will enhance your waistline and upper body. Tops with a scoop neckline with bell sleeves are a perfect go-to. Also, try and stay away from low rise jeans, long shirts, flared tops and mini skirts.

The last commonly known body type is a rectangle shape. For this shape, the bust, waist and hips are the same sizes. The goal when dressing for this shape is to add definition. Since a lot of clothes usually fit well this body type will be the easiest to dress. Some key go-to clothes that will be best to have handy are angular jackets, sleeveless vests, semi-fitted dresses and dresses that flow through the waistline. Although it is easy to dress for a rectangle body shape there are a few items you should stay away from. Narrow skirts, cropped tops, vertical line prints, baggy pants and mini skirts are all unflattering when it comes to this specific body type.

With these simple fashion tips looking great every day should be easy. When you choose your clothes remember to consider the focal point of your body. As women, we are told constantly what to wear and what not to wear but just think of these tips as helpful guidelines to help with your unique style.