Excessive College Roommate Qualities


“I wonder what my roommate will be like” or “I wonder if me and my new roommate will get along this year”, are the top questions that an upcoming college Freshman will ask themselves days before their first day on campus. They all wonder if their roommate is one of two things, a rebel or a noble.  Statistics show that males who meet their roommates in college tend to get along with them easier than girls with their roommates. However, in every dormitory building, 1 out of 8 rooms in each building will contain one person in a room that does something that the other roommates may not like.

Boys easily get along with each other as roommates the most because if they have enough personal space that is not invaded, they will have no problems. They would even apply to be each other’s roommates again each year until they graduate because they have a high chance of even becoming good friends with each other. Girls, however, can have a hard time getting along with their roommate, unless they already were friends with them because they tend to be a little more petty, stubborn or shy with each other.

To have a good year with a roommate that you never met until you moved in to your dorm, you just have to follow these simple rules:

  1. Be Trustworthy (Do not steal from your roommate. This is the number one reason why most roommates get into altercations. Something may seem out of place or may be missing. Who else would be to blame?)
  2. Be Dependable (No one said you should be a stranger to your roommate. There is always a chance to become best friends with them. So, try to be a consistent friend and supporter when the time comes. Roommates can become friendly enough to share things with you.)
  3. Stay Tidy (No one wants to walk into their room to see that their roommate did not clean up the side that they occupy. If that side is dirty, then the entire room is considered dirty. Don’t forget, Residential Assistants (RAs) write fines for messy rooms.)
  4. Respect (Don’t just tell your roommate that you respect them but be sure to show it as well. Do things like being quiet when you feel like they need peace or when they are asleep, cleaning behind yourself so that they do not have to and respect their space.
  5. Communicate (Try not to be shy to your roommate. Be open enough to tell your roommate things like what upsets you, apologizing, telling each other what your classes and daily agendas are and how everything should be operated in the room.)

Not following these rules to get along with your roommates will do nothing but make your college life slightly miserable. Do these in order to make the best of your college semesters.