Eyes on the Prize


As times progress things in life begin to change. You no longer have as many friends, you start to notice your poor spending and saving habits, and most likely you begin to truly see things for what they are. Life is like a whirlwind and you’re just caught in the mix while trying to pass through. It is often hard to stay focused and transform your struggle into motivation. There are so many ways to fail, therefore, your mind often produces negative receptors opposed to positive receptors, but my tip to YOU would be to hold your head high and appreciate the little things life has to offer while embracing positive energy in the process.

We all know when it comes to life things are better said than done, but who said it couldn’t be done. Am I right? With so much being thrown at a person on a daily basis it becomes progressively harder to smile and look past the hardship, but you are still expected to smile. We all continuously go through situations that can either motivate us to follow someone else’s path or to lay the foundation for our own path. So what path do you choose to take?

It can all be done with faith, time, and patience. We has human beings face so many challenges that we often forget to guard ourselves against self-pity, self-preoccupation, and giving up. Don’t give up! The fight to succeed has just begun and victory is in the eye of the beholder. If we stray away from the very thing that keeps us going, we have failed to succeed in this impersonal world we so graciously inhabit. Remember to always keep your eyes on the prize!