Fashion Guide to Surviving an HBCU Homecoming


There are so many styles that are trending this Fall and every HBCU (Historically Black College or University) student knows Homecoming is the time to show them off. From football games to step shows and after parties, Homecoming at an HBCU is basically a fashion show. It is definitely a time to show up and show out. Here is your fashion guide to surviving Homecoming this year.

Let’s begin with Fried Chicken Wednesday. This is a tradition many HBCUs uphold. Every Wednesday students in the cafe have a lunch any Soul food lover would enjoy. Homecoming week will be no ordinary Chicken Wednesday. Students will definitely take this opportunity to be seen and dawn their best outfits. Bright colors and prints are really in right now. This would be a nice moment to break out a floral or animal print. Heels or cute sandals would also be suggested.

If you attend an HBCU, odds are, there will be a step show. It’ll probably be held in the evening so the outfit needs to be night time appropriate. The options are endless but opt for darker colors for sure. Once again heels are suggested. If you are a member of a Greek organization, one should opt for something trendy yet comfortable to move around in just in case one gets the urge to stroll. It is a Greek Step Show after all. The opportunity is bound to present itself.

Now let’s talk tailgate attire. One can’t wear what you would wear to a regular football game. Not at an HBCU at least. Students and alumni are coming to show their school pride times ten. Instead of the traditional T-shirt with your mascot on it, try finding a fit that ties into your school colors. This gives more options and flexibility with choosing an outfit. Comfortable shoes are suggested because hitting those tailgate tents for food and networking is essential. You can’t do that if your feet hurt.

Finally, the after party. This is the event everyone looks forward to all week. Heels are a must. Your hair has to be slayed and your face has to be beat. A sexy little dress is always a go to but it can be considered playing it safe. Search for a romper or jumpsuit as well to switch from the norm. Men should definitely look out for dark jeans and a nice top. Don’t be the guy in the party who shows up in a white sleeveless top. You have to do better for Homecoming.

Remember that Homecoming is a time to have fun so don’t let the fashion aspect of it stress you out too much. Follow these tips and it should be easy to find the perfect outfits. Take the week to make amazing memories and look good doing it.