Five Things to Know During Your Freshman Year


Not everyone goes to college, and not everyone who goes to college finishes. When you get to college, although it is a big part of it, it is not all about having fun, making friends, and enjoying life as a young adult. It’s easy to start things but harder to finish them. Pursuing a degree is a noble thing. But there are some tips you might need to know if you are going to survive your Freshman year or any year of college.


Procrastinating is one of the biggest mistakes many college students make especially Freshmen. It is okay if you don’t start an assignment immediately after it was assigned but putting off work for too long is not a good thing to do. For one, waiting to the last minute can result in turning work in late or not at all, running late for classes or being absent, and creating bad habits that will cause someone to flunk out of college. Absolutely do not make the mistake of doing work the morning of or the night before. Procrastination also can cause great stress because it increases the chances of failing. Get in the habit of doing work early or within a reasonable amount of time. It is harder to clean a messy house than it is to wipe up simple spills or sweep up crumbs.


Organization helps in many ways. It helps with memorization, makes things easier to get to, things can go a lot faster, and it is simply a good habit to have. No one has to be extremely neat unless they want to, but organization is a must in college. It is important to develop some type of system Freshman year so it will become second nature all of the other years in college. If you don’t have any type of organization, then go ahead and prepare for the hardest four academic years of your life. It is possible to graduate without being organized, but it is extremely difficult. Get some binders or folders or even make your own because it is very helpful.


It is good to work hard and make good grades but working hard is just as important as getting the proper rest. Staying up late is typical for a college student, but staying up late every night can affect how you perform in class, and how you do your work especially if you have morning classes. It is also important to pay attention to what you put into your body. The ‘Freshman Fifteen’ is real. Sometimes it can become the ‘Freshman Thirty’ if you are not careful. Do not eat unhealthy foods every day for every meal. It will cause fatigue, drowsiness, and in some cases, stress. College students do not have the most money to get the healthiest foods all of the time, but it benefits someone to eat some fruit and vegetables from time to time. Instead of stocking up on Roman Noodles, buy a couple of apples or bananas. That way there can be an option between the two late at night. Partying is also expected, but do not overdo it, and when you do go, do not get so crazy that you are not able to function properly the next day.


Studying is a big part of college. In high school someone can pass a test without studying sometimes because they go over what the test will be on every day. College is different. For one, most class meetings are every other day excluding weekends and some are a week apart. It is harder to remember everything that was gone over in class when the class meeting are that far apart. Sometimes you may be required to go over some things on your own so you can already know it when you get to class. Also the things that you are being tested on are the things that will come up again in your work life. How much you know when you leave college will determine if you get a good job in your field or not.


Socialization is very important in college. College is the bridge between high school and adulthood. Getting to know people and making new friends is a part of the wonderful college experience. Some of the people you befriend in college might be your friends for life. Fraternities and Sororities are a great way to build a family relationship with others while at college. Also joining organizations in college can help as well. Get to know who all is in your Freshmen class. The people left during your Senior year are the people you would have spent the years with before you walked across the stage together. It may not mean much to some Freshman year, but it will mean more Senior year. Also get to know the staff at the University. It is always helpful to have an adult figure that knows who you are. Sometimes a mother or father figure is good to have during hard times. It also is very beneficial when it comes to getting recommendation letters.

College is an amazing experience, but it is not all fun and games. It is the last barrier before completely emerging into the real world. Live but not like you are going to die the next day. Live like you are enjoying life now yet still plan to build a great future with what you are accomplishing while in college.