Have you ever touched glass?

Have you ever dropped it?

Did it break, did it shatter?

Have you noticed the time that past?

It is fragile, just like your soul.

You touch it ever time you sin.

Okay, notice how the glass was whole.

Well your sin pushes it closer to the edge wherein

It falls breaks and shatters, at that point it is too late?

Sin leads you to Hell where there is no escape.

Sin feels good, but deeper than that it is just the bait.

To torment your soul for eternity, at the point you will have realized your mistake.

But Jesus is the answer, He fixes the glass.

It doesn’t matter how broken.

As long as you come to him first and not last.

He will fix you and redeem you according to your devotion.

So remember, the next time that you sin

Remember you push the glass

And just like the glass is your soul

Whereas both are fragile.