Friendship and love is always taken so lightly.

People nowadays become friends out of spite.

They clique up on teams.

Yeah I know it’s crazy right?

I don’t like you and she doesn’t like you so let’s be friends.

That’s why your friends are crazy.

That’s why your business is everywhere.

That’s why you stay in confusion.

Because friends are like relationships that go through tests.

Don’t be a hater, but don’t be a yes man either.

I need a friend, not my mother.

Keep it real with me and understand when I suffer.

Let me confide in you, like you confide in me.

Because if I’m down for you, I expect you to be down for me.

If I fight for you, why wouldn’t you fight for me?

Because I met you on a whim.

Because I couldn’t be alone so I made a relationship based on hate and now my peace is gone.

Friendships and relationships aren’t as sacred as they used to be.

Throw a rock and hide your hand.

The modern day friend thing.