From Where We Come From


When I was a kid I had a favorite show. It encouraged me to work hard with the goal of attending college.

That show was A Different World and I had a favorite line from it which was “It’s a Different World, From Where We Come From.”

That HBCU life on TV would one day be mine.

In the 6th grade I started going on tours to visit many different colleges and schools.

But for me an HBCU was the only place that I could be.

I’d come to Alcorn many times before but when I came back to high school I said, “Oh yeah that setting right there is like no other.’’

I went through high school and applied to many places but I knew above all Alcorn was my favorite.

In 2015, this girl from Chicago hit ‘The Yard’ and all I can say about college life is Oh My God!

I met people on this ‘Yard’ from everywhere in the world. I knew Alcorn was the right choice for this city girl.

SWAC Champions, Celebration Bowl, Chilling in the cafe, parties, and riding 4 wheelers are some of the fun things I got to do but going to class, learning and graduating is the goal for me and should also be for you.

Beneath the shade of giant trees is the best place for me.