Gear Up for Winter


The Winter of 2015 is swiftly approaching and it is now time to gear up for it. Whether you survive the winter by wearing tweed, wool, suede, or felt, you just want to stay warm.  Winter is never a secret code or pass that allows everyone to dress drab with boring neutral colors.  Step it up a little by brightening up your wardrobe.  If you have no idea how to accomplish this, I hope this article will give you great insight.

Take Hip-Hop artist Big Sean’s style for example. He gives us the perfect balance of tweed, denim, and wool.  You may also want to try different shades of the same color to make you look even more stylish.

Another problem I noticed that some men face is whether their jacket takes away from their actual outfit.  Let’s be clear first, it’s always better to be warm but some coats do possess that ability. For instance, you wouldn’t want to wear a bubba coat with a Tom Ford blazer because it’s just not right.

In the picture above the two gentlemen show off great taste by utilizing tweed and leather correctly.  Every man should own a winter garment made from tweed because it really can be worn with any color so it shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish a look similar to this one.

As far as shoes go, I know every man owns a pair of boots but are they really fashionable?  Designers like Steve Madden, Brooks Brothers, and Cole Haan have been taking over the country with lines of exclusive wing tips and chukka boots. These are a definite must have for the well dressed man.