Getting Fit for the Summer


Summer is just 7 weeks away and it’s time to work out and get fit to look good on your
vacation on the beach. Like many people, being quarantined and in the house during the Winter, I have gained a few pounds. Here are some things that can help you get the Summer body that you have been dying for.

STEP 1: Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps with weight loss and helps boost your
metabolism. It helps to suppress your appetite and gives you a great amount of energy that you need throughout the day.

STEP 2: Exercise/cardio. Cardio is the number one exercise people do to lose weight. It helps with strengthening the heart and lowering the risk of several diseases. Some
cardio exercises consist of running, jumping rope, high knees and Jumping Jacks.

STEP 3: Avoid sugar. Eating things with high grams of sugar is a problem that many people may have when it comes to losing weight. Try avoiding things such as soda, candy, and other sugary snacks. If you are someone who enjoys eating snacks, look for snacks that are 0 in sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables as a substitute.

STEP: 4 Get enough sleep. Getting about 7-9 hours of sleep a day is very helpful and will
cause you to lose and maintain your weight.

Hopefully these four steps are helpful and will work when it comes to getting fit for the Summer. With a little bit of exercise and positive energy, the Summer body that you have been craving can be achieved in just 7 weeks.