God’s Pen

You’re the paper, not the chase

You’re the flowers, not the vase

You’re the picture, not the frame

You’re the person, not the name 

You’re the personality, not the face

Your thoughts can be erased

Everything that society has taught you,

Doesn’t have a place

If only you knew it was more to life

Than the lifestyle and social media fame

But it’s not your fault, it’s society’s blame

You’re the build, and not the likes

You’re the wrong and you’re the rights

Don’t try to rewrite it, just note it and continue to write

For this Book of Life, is not meant to be written perfectly

Some chapters hold depth more than others, some shallow, despite 

But through each line and word is your story to fight

And who you add to the chapter is your choice to sight

It cannot be rewritten, so when you decide—do what’s right 

Some will hold more weight than others, and others—won’t quite

Some pages will be hard to read and others will be polite

They always say “read between the lines”, but what they won’t tell you is if you’ll have to recite

For the things that you write, are not always right

Because some text, you’ll have to answer to by the One who holds the light

The One who holds the pen, the One who sits upright

So before you finish the passage, rethink the next words

For it is He that has written and to Him, you must serve

Aubriana Lowery
Aubriana Lowery
Aubriana Lowery is a Senior Journalism/Mass Communications major from Pulaski, Mississippi. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2021-2022 school year.


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