A sense of guilt can ruin everything you have built.
Multiple interactions can lead to futile distractions.
It starts as a little hiss that you just hit and miss.
Caught in a whirl wind of bliss.

Contradicting whether or not you will be distressed.
Foretold whether or not what future you have bestowed.
Moments in time where you feel regret.
Which leads to a matter of untold fortunate events.

Descending over time your mind takes a twirl.
Whirling around wondering if you were wrong.
An outlaw of the truth with an answer so obsolete,
With an outcome so concrete.

So you’re left with an option, either right or wrong you made your decision.
Pulsating to the vibrations of the rattling of your actions.
Your conscious comes and leaves you breathless.
Guilt has came to take its claim while you ended up slain.