H.E.R. (Hindered Emotional Reticent)


From our first interaction, I felt an automatic attraction.
The stimulation from the vibrations of the infatuation stirred my mind.
How could one person make me feel so out of line?
A humorous soul with a raged filled spirit.
That is the question that reprimanded my stance and convoluted my soul.
A creature so divine who had a body like mine.
Made me feel in ways my naturalistic side could not take.
So much so I remembered the phrase, ” I am the Captain of my soul and the master of my fate.”
But all of that is different when love is at stake.
I couldn’t find the words to articulate how much her love made me evaluate.
While matriculating on how our love authenticated into an emotional outbreak.
Words were exchanged that syndicates our pain from a previous aberration.
So I sit here and I ask myself a question?
Was this an emotional attachment or was it just purely a simple infatuation?