Have you ever had a supernatural experience?


Omar Brown




Chicago, Illinois

Back in Chicago I was at home alone when the door upstairs began to open by itself. I closed the door and it opened by itself again.

Te’Yah Wright


Environmental Science


Arlington, Texas

When I was younger during one Christmas Eve, I was outside playing with my cousins and about 100 feet away I thought I saw a blob in the shape of glowing fire.

Dontaerius Weakley


Biology/Physical Therapy


Jackson, Mississippi

Living in the country you hear noises all of the time. One day I heard a woman scream and I ran outside not to find anything. Once I returned inside I saw a mysterious figure who disappeared as soon as I saw her. I can’t explain it.


Sherman Bell




Memphis, Tennessee

One time I heard a very eerie voice in an empty house. Needless to say I immediately left.

Trinity Jones


Social Science Education


Stonewall, Louisiana

Yes I have. A friend of mine died at a young age and I was dreaming a few weeks after their death one night when they came into my dream and said to tell everyone they were fine and gave me a hug. I immediately woke up crying. I have no idea why I was crying and I could feel everything that happened describe yourself essay. Another experience I had was very random. I was riding in a car one day and looked up and saw people walking in the clouds. I thought I was  just seeing things but I know I saw legs walking in the clouds and then they just disappeared.