HBCU Fashion Homecoming Guide 2016


It’s homecoming season! Homecoming is one of the biggest celebrations on the campus of every Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in America. Not only are you dressing to impress, but you are also dressing to let that old flame know what they missed out on. If you are still in undergrad it is a must that your attire is stellar for the week of homecoming. I am sure you do not want to walk into the cafe on Chicken Wednesday with an outfit that looks like it was pieced together with your eyes closed.

As an alumnus you are coming back on ‘The Yard’ and preparing to see people who you have not seen in five, ten, and in some cases fifteen years or more. Even though you may have gained a few pounds, lost that six pack or just don’t have that stellar body like you had in your college years does not mean your fashion ensemble has to reflect that. Remember, these are the same people you haven’t seen since the last time you viewed their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see if they were still keeping everything together. All I’m saying is, when they see you in real life, you have to let them know that you still have it. Let them know that you are still that debonair gentleman or classy woman that you were when they first spotted you crossing ‘The yard’. You have to represent and represent well.

For my undergrad readers remember to keep it simple, but to also look presentable while doing so. You never know who you may rub elbows with such as your future boss, husband or wife. Also remember there will be thousands of people on campus, so be sure to allow your ensemble to speak for you.

Keep in mind that HBCU homecomings are not your regular college events. At an HBCU we take our homecomings serious, and being the best dressed at the pep rally, step show, tailgate, football game and after party is very vital to your status. Homecoming is about staying in trend, being comfortable and standing out in the crowd. So follow along with my HBCU Homecoming guide 2016 to be sure that you are fashionably ready for the biggest Saturday of HBCU football. As you prepare your fashion ensemble for homecoming weekend remember to be fashionable, comfortable and confident.


First, we have your pep rally ensemble. The pep rally is usually around noon on the Friday before the big game, so you probably won’t have enough time to prepare for this event so keep it simple. Even if you are driving into your alma mater this outfit will also give you comfort while driving.


Next is the step show ensemble. Now, you know everyone is attending the step show. This is now the perfect time to get acquainted with your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers. The ensemble for this event should be simple and comfortable. Stick to lighter materials and looser fitting clothing for this event, so when you hear the infamous line “Taking over for the 99 and 2000” you can hop in line with ease.


It’s GAME DAY! You should definitely dress comfortable for this occasion because you will be mingling the majority of the day. Also, keep your clothing loose during this time because you will be consuming a lot of food. I would suggest sitting down much as possible, so you can save your feet for the afterparty. Plus, you want to be comfortable in the stadium while you cheer and shout. I’m not saying wear jogging pants and a tee, but dress comfortable and fashionable. Keep in mind, you will be around people you have not seen in years. Let your outfit speak for you.


In the words of Jay Z “After the show it’s the after party.” Now its time to show your peers that you haven’t lost your good style and taste by pulling out your secret weapon which is that outfit that you have been waiting for so long to wear. You are now allowed to annihilate everyone within a thousand feet of you. Remember, this will probably be the last time you see your fellow alumni until next year’s homecoming, so you have the right to be the flyest in the building.

With the given looks, your homecoming 2016 will be a breeze for you. Remember to be confident, comfortable and fashionable with the following ensembles. Go out on ‘The Yard’ and have the best time of your life while being fashionably ready.