Healthy Eating for a Healthy Life


Foods that are commonly associated with African-American people are often unfairly deemed as unhealthy. In many minority communities, eating unhealthy foods is accepted. It is often said that eating healthy or buying healthy items can be expensive, which is not the case. Here are a few inexpensive things you can purchase if you want to eat healthy.  


When you’re hungry and looking for a snack, try eating fruits like blueberries and other berries that provide high sources of fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Not only does fruit provide a high source of fiber it also prevents one from developing heart disease and obesity. 


Instead of pancakes and syrup for breakfast try drinking a healthy smoothie in the morning. Drinking smoothies is very essential. It provides energy and contains a lot of protein along with nutrients that can help curb your appetite for the day which can help prevent one from binge eating and snacking all day which can potentially lead to weight gain.


For dinner, try to steer away from eating fast food and eat salmon or a salad. Salmon is made up of high levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acid. The oils in the fish can help reduce heart disease. Leafy greens are filled with plenty of fiber and vitamins but are low in calories which can be helpful to someone who tracks their calorie intake. 

Hopefully providing an alternative for breakfast, dinner and a snack helps in your heath journey. I know that it sometimes can be difficult to steer away from those sugary treats and french fries but something as simple as substituting a bag of chips for fruit is pretty easy and the best thing to do especially if you want to prevent obesity, diseases and heart conditions.