Hear Their Cries


Do you hear their cries?

Did you see the tears?

The many screams and pleas

of victims over the years.

You shoot a man, not knowing his name.

Bodies piling, all based on race.

When you look at us

do you see pass our face?

Targeted because of our color,

and because of statistics.

No chance to explain

nor say our name.

You make the shot

and it’s the end game.

Why so trigger happy?

Eager to get rid of us and

throw the blame on the victim.

Lies, lies

Are all I hear.

Deceiving faces are all I see.

You claim to serve and protect.

Where is this motto at?

All I see are death sentences that are

thrown this way and that way.

So many lives gone so soon,

never getting to see another day.

A fallen brother, father, son.

All we want to do is live,

yet it seems like that right is being taken away.

Who gave you the decision to play God?

You say it is not a race thing.

That you were only doing what is right.

Never EVER have I seen a white man

fallen by the grace of your gun.

Lying on the ground,

not making a sound.

Police brutality.

Nothing has changed.

So many victims, different names.

In the end they are all the same.

When will you end this game?