How to Dress on a Budget


When it comes to our looks we always want to look like we stepped straight off the runway. With this goal in mind, shopping for the latest trends can become expensive. ​Every year clothing trends change so fast that last season’s trends become outdated. ​With these helpful tips, I can help you look great without breaking the bank.

The most important rule is to shop off-season. Doing this trick is a great way to save money because clothes are cheaper. Putting together a Summer wardrobe in May can be expensive and oftentimes leads to regrets. I say this because when shopping in season, people tend to make impulse decisions. Buying a neon crop top with fishnet sleeves might seem like a bad idea come Fall season. By shopping off-season, you can avoid temptation and catch sales when the demand for an item goes down.

Another helpful tip is to shop at thrift stores. Thrift stores, Walmart, Ross, and Dirt Cheap are perfect places to shop if you are shopping on a budget. Most people think that second hand clothes are at thrift stores. In actuality, most of the clothes are coming from warehouses that produced too much of that particular item. If you are looking to score some good deals on high-end items thrift stores are the way to go. You may spend a couple of hours looking for a specific look but getting a denim jacket for $15 rather than $40 is definitely worth it.

Sometimes when we want a new look we just need to revamp our wardrobe. This doesn’t mean changing your style completely, it just means you should probably pair your favorite shirt with a combination that you never thought would work. The first thing that you should do is pull all your clothes out, even the ones that haven’t seen the light of day in a couple of years. Start your journey by pairing bets with scarves and don’t forget about old graphic tees. This process might take a couple of hours so when doing this you might want to start early on a Saturday morning.

With these few simple tricks looking trendy shouldn’t break your bank account. You don’t have to wear name brand clothes from head to toe to prove your style is unique. Being able to catch everyone’s attention in the room is all about how you use valuable resources. If you know what to buy and where to look, your wardrobe will look trendy from season to season.