Impact hosts Tackling College 101


Impact Community Service Organization hosted a Tackling College 101 Seminar Wednesday, October 9th from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm in the J.D. Boyd Library Auditorium. The purpose of this event was geared towards college Freshman to introduce them to essential tools and planning skills needed while in college such as time management, university goals, and getting organized.

The program began by touching base on the many aspects that are needed to succeed in college. During the seminar, students gained information about campus resources that are available and how to make use of them by knowing the office hours and what can be gained by using the specific resources. RaShonda Harris, Secretary of Impact, enlightened attendees on 5 tips to staying organized which are purchasing a planner, keeping track of your syllabus, keeping your backpack and purse organized, getting a white board, and making effective use of your cellphone to set alarms.

Other program participants educated the audience on the importance of having fun but remaining successful and learning how to balance the two. Maurisha Lull, a member of Impact, stated, “Managing your time you can’t get too stressed. You don’t want to put too much on yourself. Find people that help you learn the same way you learn, then that’ll help you make study groups for really tough classes. Team work makes the dream work because being successful begins now.” When the program concluded, attendees were reminded, “we are all here to attain our degrees so let’s stay focused.”

Impact is a community service organization founded by James Herrington II and Tytiana Smith. It is designed exclusively to make a difference in the surrounding communities by collectively working together to strengthen each community as well as the Alcorn community while promoting personal growth and the self-efficiency of each member. Currently, there are 100 plus members in Impact.

To find out more information about future events and membership opportunities, follow impact on Instagram @alcorn.impact.cso or on Twitter @Impact_CSO.