IMPACT Presents Tackling College Challenges 101


On Tuesday, April 9th at the Medgar Evers Auditorium in the J.D. Boyd Library Auditorium, IMPACT, the Community Service Organization, hosted their Tackling College 101 “Get Ready, Stay Ready, Be Ready for Your College Path” event in honor of National Library Week which was from April 8-12.

The informational focused on teaching college students about tips to better improve their work ethic and how to be successful in college while facing different levels of adversity. The event consisted of different speakers of IMPACT telling of their personal experiences they’ve had while being in college and how they’ve engaged them using their own strategies.

The event also discussed the importance of being organized and prepared at all times throughout college. The speaker of the event, Sharone Carpenter, Assistant Director for Technological Services at Alcorn State University (ASU), discussed her trials and tribulations that she faced while in college, such as being a single mother, graduating college early, and later on earning her Master’s degree. Carpenter expressed how importance it is to have positive influences around you and to always be prepared for the obstacles life may bring.

Carpenter is currently pursuing a Doctorate and striving for success despite her challenges that she has faced. Aiyanna Anderson, a Junior from Greenwood, Mississippi and a speaker from the IMPACT organization, stated, “The  event was a complete success and it motivated a lot of students. I particularly enjoyed the feedback from the crowd.”

The founder of IMPACT, Tytiana Smith, a Junior from Fayette, Mississippi stated, “This event was a redo of our Tackling College Event in the Fall of 2018. We felt that it was imperative to share again with students the different tips and tricks on how to get through college successfully.”

To find out more information about the IMPACT organization on the campus of ASU check out their Instagram page at alcorn.impact.cso.