Interracial Relationships


Why have black women turned to dating white men? It is not so rare anymore to see a black woman married to or dating a white man in this day and age. Recently there has been a shift in the dynamic as more black women are dating outside of their race. Research indicates that there are several valid reasons for the decisions these women are making.

The incarceration of  black men play a major role in making black women question the judgment of  being in a relationship with them. Due to the large percentage of incarcerated black men, their choices are limited. Most black women are the back bone of those black men who are incarcerated. The men depend on the women to do multiple things for them while they are in prison such as helping pay legal fees, providing bail, taking care of the children, and most of all loyalty. Loyalty includes remaining faithful, being lonely over the years, and being unhappy.

A black woman’s environmental setting determines who they will meet, date and in some instances marry. Research implies that where an individual works, lives, attends school, and socializes plays a major part in who one dates or develops an intimate relationship with. From personal experience, I’ve attended a school where ninety-eight percent of the students were of the Caucasian race. In that environment, it was simple to develop a relationship with a white male. This proves that black women are open to finding love and happiness with other races other than their own.

It is depicted that much success has come from interracial relationships. Many celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, President Obama and Kimora Lee Simmons are products of interracial relationships. These celebrities are proof that children of an interracial relationship can be productive members of society. Even though these celebrities are exceptions to the rule there are many things to consider before entering into an interracial relationships. Identity is a major issue for children that are born of interracial relationships. In some instances, it is difficult for them to identify with either race.

I recently read an article about a black woman who had moved into a new town, gotten a new job, and ended up getting involved in a relationship with a white man. Even though the two of them were very happy together, their family and friends frowned upon the relationship. She chose to continue the relationship rather than to comply with the wishes of her family and friends. In my opinion, she did what felt right for her which was her happiness.

Long story short, people are people. We are all made in God’s image. As God’s children we are told to love everyone, black or white. Interracial relationships are not new. Over two thousand years ago, according to the Bible, interracial relationships were already in existence. So if a black woman decides to be in a relationship with a white man that’s her business. This is not a sin or dishonor to God. From American history with blacks and whites we all should encourage one another to get along with and love each other for who we are and not for the color of our skin.