Is America on the Brink of Destruction?


President Trump`s first year as president could be described in a number of words. He has been blunt, impulsive, controversial and contradicting. When electing this man, many supported him while others were against him the entire electoral campaign.

During his campaign he made several promises of things he would do if elected. One of the most outrageous campaign promises was the wall he planned to build to keep immigrants from illegally coming into the United States.  He stated, ”I will build a great wall and nobody builds better walls than me. Believe me. I`ll build them very inexpensively.” The approximate price to build this wall would be $70 billion and $150 million a year to maintain. The question is where would this money come from? President Trump stated Mexico would pay for the wall but does anyone believe that another country will pay for a wall to be erected that affects its citizens? I think not.

No president in the history of the United States has ever fired as many people from their cabinet as Trump has in their first year in office. Many of the reasons for the dismissals were petty and unsubstantiated. One of the most memorable was FBI Director James Comey. Comey was in charge of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton`s emails and President Trump felt as though Comey was not doing his job as he also was investigating if Russia had any involvement in Trump winning the election. Another person fired from his cabinet was Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. One of the most racist acts that Trump did was to put a travel ban on seven Muslim countries so citizens from those countries couldn’t come into the United States. Yates sent a letter to the Justice Department asking them not to approve of this. She was fired after she sent that letter. This just goes to show how Trump is an impulsive person and not fit for the presidency. Another person who left abruptly from President Trump`s cabinet was White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Spicer supposely submitted his resignation but rumors had been circulating for weeks that Trump wanted to replace him.

To further explore the impetuousness of President Trump, let’s visit his relationship with North Korea`s leader Kim Jung Un. This started when Trump had rude remarks about Kim Jung Un in an interview which began a series of pettiness between the two leaders via Twitter and other various sources. Why would you argue with a leader that is threatening to start a war with the United States? He is not thinking rationally or coherently. This thing between President Trump and Kim Jung Un is all about who has the bigger nuclear bomb and who has the last word.

The United States has the WRONG person as its Commander in Chief. The people of the US have to deal with this for the next three years and nobody knows what is to come dealing with him. I ask of everyone to make a wise decision during the next presidential election.