Is Being Faithful Hard?


Have you ever wondered why it is easier to cheat than to be faithful? Do you believe that being faithful is easy? If so then why do so many people cheat now-a-days? To be honest I am not only talking about the physical part of cheating, you can also cheat mentally or many other ways. Many people believe that cheating is only physical, when in actuality there’s more to it.

Most of the time cheating does not start with being physical at first. Cheating normally starts with a simple flirtatious conversation that works its way up. Temptation is harder to fight for people like me. Some people cheat knowing they can do it because they cannot live their lives without having someone on the side. Being loyal does not come natural to everyone.

I am not saying it is okay to just go around and cheat. It’s more on the lines of trying to get a better understanding on why people cannot be faithful. Telling someone who has cheated to stop cheating is like telling a drug addict to stop using drugs. Being faithful is like having patience as a virtue, which is something I have not fully grasped as of yet.  Being in long distant relationship I have often pondered if my boyfriend was cheating as well.  I know it is not right to think like that but I always believed that if I was having a hard time being faithful, he would have the same problem as well.

Honestly I would say there are three main reasons why I cheat. My reasons are: (1) the lack of my man’s attention; (2) my emotional needs were not being met, and (3) the fear of trusting my heart to any man. With knowing all of this I have came to the reality that it would be hard for any man to trust me until I change my ways. Which brings us to the topic of this discussion, Is being faithful hard? Being faithful in the smallest things is the way to gain, maintain, and demonstrate the strength needed to accomplish something great. 

In all retrospective, I want to be clear I am not advocating my life as a lifestyle choice for everyone. Instead, I am using it to highlight that you have not considered all aspects of the question (Is being faithful hard?) and that there are other situations where the alternative can work. So for some people being faithful can be hard but you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Also, I am using my life as an example to the masses to explain to them that loyalty does not necessarily have to mean you have to have an exclusive relationship with someone but one that can allow a few indulgences along the way.