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Is Chivalry Dead? Explain. (April 17, 2024)

Ja’Michael Jones



Business Administration

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Chivalry is only dead to those who have been born in the 21st century. So, yes, it is dead in a sense. Not many people my age value women enough and not many women value themselves enough anymore. Honestly, it’s just a terrible mix of morals.

Spencer Wildee




Vicksburg, Mississippi

In my opinion, it’s very rare nowadays because sometimes when you hold the door open for some ladies they’re shocked because this generation of young men don’t regularly do it. I still do it because I was raised to respect women.

Michael Williams II



Mass Communications

Jackson, Mississippi

I believe that chivalry isn’t completely dead. It still exists in some people; however, society has almost crushed it to non-existence. Chivalry is still alive, just not in everyone.

Trevor James


Sports Management


Jacksonville, Florida

I wouldn’t say chivalry is dead just harder to find. A lot of parents and social media are to blame because what’s in the public eye doesn’t make men want to be gentlemen anymore.

Tyson Keys


Graduate Student

Sports Management

Laurel, Mississippi

Chivalry is a dying practice but it’s not dead. Both genders are at fault in my humble opinion. At some point women stopped appreciating men’s efforts, however, some men still pump their gas, pay for dates, etc. Chivalry is dying but it is not dead.

Rachel Ellis
Rachel Ellis
Rachel Ellis is a Freshman Broadcasting/Mass Communications major from Memphis, Tennessee. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the Spring 2024 semester.


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