Is Dating Overrated Today?


Dating is defined as a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially, possibly as friends or with the aim of accessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in a more committed initiate relationship or marriage. During the early 1950’s, the term used to describe dating was “courting.” However, courting held more significance because it involved the intention of marriage. In today’s society, people aren’t dating or courting, rather they are “talking” or “sleeping with someone with no commitment”. Even though this might sound strange to someone born in the early 1900’s, today’s teenagers find it normal or cool. For these reasons, the term dating or courting has become extinct.

Social media has a big effect on the way dating has changed. It definitely has changed some intimate relationships, though whether or not the change is positive or negative is largely dependent on the couple. I think this is something you mostly see in younger couples but the potential is there to effect couples of any age. People develop first impressions before meeting someone or based on what they see online which can either be a good or bad thing depending on the validity of their judgment. In my opinion, teenagers are meeting each other online more today than ever. By “sliding in a person’s Direct Message on Instagram”, a guy or girl can have a full conversation that leads to meeting up the next day or getting each other’s number to hold a serious conversation. A guy doesn’t have to ask a girl out using a corny joke or make numerous attempts to get her number. Instead, he can say she “looks fine” and hookup the same night, depending on the girl’s standards. Even if people aren’t just “friends with benefits”, people spend more time as friends than creating a committed relationship.

People are afraid of commitment. Individuals in modern society may often be reluctant (or unmotivated) to commit and recent social changes have altered the modern romantic landscape. Unlike our foreparents, a person would rather play with their friend’s emotions by not committing and seeing several other girls/boys instead of settling down. Friends also play a major part in dating. People would rather not date because they are afraid of what their “homeboys” might think or if their friend girl will think they look extremely fine. Instead of showing the emotions or feelings they have for a person, teenagers today would rather sleep around or continue being friends with a guy/girl than settling down in a serious committed relationship.

Since teenagers are beginning to date around age 13, people tend to have more experience in relationships. When these same teenagers become age 19, they have been in about 4 relationships. By this time, he/she has grown tired of heartbreaks, may or may not still be a virgin, or may have reconsidered their gender preference. All these factors contribute to a person considering settling down and dating.

Dating is becoming rare in the 21st century. Because many people have been in serious relationships that haven’t worked, they are willing to remain single or talk to multiple people instead of settling down. People are clearly afraid of committing themselves to one person.