Is Having an Open Marriage a Good Thing?


Those who practice open relationships often say that they are connected this way and that laying the ground rules for multiple relationships spares everyone hurt and disappointment. Not everyone, including myself, agrees with this. I think that this so-called arrangement is a recipe for disaster. Open marriages bring on nothing but hurt, disappointment, jealousy, and breakups.

According to open relationship enthusiasts marriages are healthiest when husbands and wives allow themselves to have sex outside their union. I do not agree with this statement at all. What is the point of getting married if you want to be with other people? Please explain that to me, because I obviously do not understand. I thought a marriage was supposed to be a sacred junction between two people, man and woman, not men and women.

One of the most famous couples rumored for having an open marriage is Will and Jada Smith. According to them, there is nothing wrong with an open relationship. Jada Smith once stated in a post that she and her husband, Will Smith, could do whatever they wanted because they trusted each other to do so. I believe that because Will and Jada are such a power couple, they have influenced many couples to consider having open marriages. Many people actually admire the fact that they can openly sleep around with other people. I personally think that is disgusting.

When I get married, I will love my husband unconditionally. I will trust him to not hurt me, to be there for me, and to honor our commitment to each other. That means that he would not cheat on me, because he should know how much that deed would affect our relationship and all that we will have built. If my husband feels that he needs to have sex with someone other than me, then he can go and live with them as well. I would rather be single than in an open relationship or with someone who does not appreciate me. Three components that a marriage should have are dignity, loyalty and respect. These factors include fidelity. Period. There should be no need for a person in a committed relationship to venture outside of that bond.

Current research and views of Western marriage support the idea that an open marriage, supporting the growth and development of the individuals within a marriage, creates the healthiest environment for a happy, long-term relationship. Of course, I disagree. If you want to explore other people, DO NOT GET MARRIED! I cannot stress that enough. You want variety? It’s simple; stay single. I regard open marriages just as I would regard cheating. I also believe in God, and the Bible clearly states “Thou shall not commit adultery.”

In the end, an open marriage will only hurt the parties involved. I wish that all couples considering having an open relationship would realize this. I think that anyone that agrees to an open marriage or relationship will experience jealousy, disappointment, and breakups. It is not worth it. If you want to be with other people, you should not get married in the first place. What is the point? There is no purpose.