Is Social Media Taking Over Our Lives?


Various forms of social media like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are becoming more commonly used than ever. These social media apps are always coming up with new and improved things to make themselves more appealing to users. Whether you realize it or not social media has changed our lives drastically. It’s very uncommon to find someone who does not have any form of social media.

Teens will spend up to nine hours a day on social media platforms. 30 percent of all time spent online is now dispensed to social media which is completely asinine. The first thing most teens do when they wake up in the morning is get their cell phone to check their social media accounts while some teenagers are on their phones scrolling down their social media accounts in class. Throughout every class that I take I will  see at least one or two of my classmates not paying attention because they’re preoccupied with their phones.

I can honestly say that at times I am one of those teens who are on social media at least 30 percent percent of the day, however, I do not use my phone while I am in class. What I usually do is check my phone after class is finished to see if I have any notifications from one of my social media accounts. I believe that if you’re on your cell phone in class you’re not really paying attention to what’s going on. 

Social media can have an impact on your privacy as well. Revealing personal information on social sites can make users vulnerable to crimes like identity theft, stalking, etc. There are some people who post their every move on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. People should not be putting themselves out in the open like that. For instance if I wanted to know what you’re doing or where you are all I have to do is log in to Snapchat or Twitter because you post your every move. It is good to post certain things that happen during the day but you shouldn’t tell the world what you’re doing or where you’re going every five minutes.

Social media has become a part of many people’s daily lives. Many people see it as a distraction and a waste of time but social media also has its up side. Through it we are able to meet new people and we are able to stay in contact with people through a click of a mouse or by simply touching the screen of a phone. Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize on the web. Even though we see many positive things about social media, it also has some downfalls. When it was created cyberbullying also began to rise. It is the most common form of bullying today that must cease and desist immediately.

Overall social media can be seen as something good and also something bad. It all depends on the users and how they use their accounts.