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Is Talent or Hard Work More Important?

There is a saying by Michael Jordan, “Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.” So which triumphs which? Talent or hard work? Talent can be the embellishment you use to secure an opportunity. Despite this, if you do not strive to keep your position, you will be replaced by someone who does. Talent can only unlock doors, but it can not prepare you for everything inside. You could get a position today and succeed at most of your assignments, but the few aspects you suffer in can lead to your downfall.

According to inspiria.edu, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” It’s common for people to assume that they will forever succeed if they have the talent. That will never be the case seeing that the world is constantly evolving. As a result, no matter what career field you choose, things will not always stay the same. The talent that got you the job will not keep your job—for instance, the National Football League. Your talent can lead you to become a first-round draft pick, but if you do not put in the effort to stay fit, practice, and remember your plays, you will slowly decline to the bottom of the food chain. Then all of the talent that got you to where you were becomes futile.

According to insideoutmastery.com, “-talent is something you either do or do not have. But work ethic is a habit you can develop, which will bring you much further in life.” Being a hard worker is a valuable personality trait. Even if you feel talent is lacking within you, you can
always become just as successful as anyone else. Working diligently is what allows you to level up. You can only reach your goals by putting in the amount of effort required, refraining from doing so keeps you stagnant. People want someone they can count on, reliable, and open to growth within their field. Who would hire someone lazy? Whether you have a God given gift or
not, if you do not consistently contribute, you are almost invaluable. Having talent can only take you so far. It takes hard work, determination, and aspiration to keep the upward momentum. To be lazy and undeserving of your position should only make you want to earn the opportunity rather than cruise your way in. The talent you have entered with isn’t spectacular or who you truly are if you can not execute the entire job correctly. Consequently, a person can only last for a limited time if their failure to perform assiduously starts to show through. If the world worked with everyone poorly working, nothing would get done.

Kayla Vaughn
Kayla Vaughn
Kayla Vaughn is a Sophomore from Memphis, Tennessee majoring in Criminal Justice. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2022-2023 academic year.


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