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It Matters to Me

People say forget the past
And look to the future
But if I forget the past
There is no hope for the future
History repeats itself
When you are not taught
Remember our lost heroes
Remember how they fought
God brought us out of slavery
We must not forget
The power he gave us
We must stand up with strength
Black history is important
It must be shared
We must pass it on
That’s how we show our care
Our legacy as a race
A power for our people
A past the won’t be erased
But inspiration to fight evil
We don’t want privilege
We want equality
The story of Black History
It matters to me

D'Anna King
D'Anna King
D'Anna King is from Brookhaven, Mississippi. She is currently a Graduating Senior majoring in Mass Communications/Broadcasting. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the Fall 2022 semester.


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