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Jerome Myles Sr.: A Cut Above the Rest

Jerome Myles Sr. is a Natchez, Mississippi native who found his calling within the radio industry at an early age.

When he was a student at North Natchez High School, he was offered an opportunity to intern with the late W.J. Squalls at a local radio station. Myles was the only student in his class who raised his hand when Squalls asked if anyone was interested in the internship. He took this as an opportunity to get his foot in the door and learn as much as possible about the radio industry. He had some previous experience leading up to his internship because of the time he spent in his gospel group. The group would stream their music on Sunday mornings which is what gave him some experience. Although Myles was not as advanced as he wanted to be in the radio industry, he believed that Squalls was just the man to take him to the next step in his career. Because Squalls took a chance on Myles, he is now able to take his knowledge and give back to the students at Alcorn State University (ASU).

Myles has currently been serving the students at Alcorn for over 2 decades at Alcorn’s radio station, WPRL 91.7 FM. Some of the students here have previously labeled him as “A Jack of All Trades” because his work at ASU is endless. He currently serves as the Assistant Operations Manager, Music Director, Student Influencer, host of his own Friday Night Live Football Show and to add on to his illustrious accolades, he is the 4-time statewide Gospel Announcer of the Year. He stated, “I do a little bit of everything around here.” Although he performs several jobs here at ASU his ultimate favorite would have to be Radio Broadcasting. It brings him back to his roots and allows him to do what he loves the most. He dabbles in Gospel, R&B, and Jazz, but Gospel was his first love and that is why he enjoys doing it the most.

Besides Radio Broadcasting, Myles also loves hosting his Friday Night Live Football Show with his co-host Windell “Bones” Harried. Before Harried came into the picture Myles was working alongside Charles “The Voice of Alcorn Radio” Edmond calling high school football games. When it was time for Edmond to move to another position, he wanted Myles to take over Friday Night Live show as the color commentator. Myles knew that he needed a partner and instantly thought of Harried as his co-host. The two have now been working together for 7 years and have developed a bond like no other. They enjoy doing commentary each Friday night when the lights come on and the Jefferson County Tigers take the field.

In Myles’s 24 years here at Alcorn he has enjoyed working with all of his fellow faculty doing what he loves within the Radio Industry. As his time winds down here at Alcorn he eventually hopes to have his own radio station but if that dream fails he still wants to continue consulting and helping upcoming generations reach their goals within the radio industry. Myles stated, “The students here are like my children and I want them all to succeed and be the best that they can be.”

Layken Meaders
Layken Meaders
Layken Meaders is a Freshmen Broadcast/Mass Communications major from Amory, Mississippi. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 school year.


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