Look at him
Just look
You have an idea huh?
I know what you’re thinking.
He’s wearing a bandana, so he’s a thug.
He hangs around plenty of women, so he’s a dog
Or even better, he wears his shades, so you won’t look him in the eyes.

You know what?
You’re right, everything you may think about him,
You’re absolutely right.
But, have you ever stopped to think that there are reasons as to why he does what he does?
You ever ask yourself why he wears that bandana?
You ever ask yourself why he wears those shades?
You ever ask yourself why there are so many women around?

And what I mean by have you ever asked those questions.
Have you ever asked those questions genuinely?
Not sarcastically, not judgmentally.
But genuinely.
I’m willing to wager that most of you never did.

Here’s who he is.
He’s a former thug that was given a second chance at life.
He took advantage of those opportunities.
He went to a Junior College
And graduated with honors
Then got accepted into a University on a scholarship.
His “flag” as he calls it, is a reminder of who he used to be.
It reminds him that there is still a long way to go on this road to redemption.

Here’s who he is.
He hangs around women because he is detached from his first love.
And by his first love, he means his mother.
Yes, he’s definitely looking for love in all of the wrong places.
Heartbreak after heartbreak, let down after let down
Setback after setback.
He feels he has to play you before you play him.
Yet he’s demonized, he’s made out to be a bad person,
By his elders and by his peers.
All because this is his way of protecting his heart.

Here’s who he is.
Those shades he puts on are there for two reasons.
One, he’s a student of Socrates and Plato. He began to see the truth about this world.
The truth that most of you refuse to wake up and acknowledge.
So he uses those shades as blinders so it could minimize the foulness that goes on.
Two, he recently found out that he has 18/20 vision, those shades are prescribed.

Now that you know the basics,
Wouldn’t you say “he’s justified”?