Layering Up


Fall has pretty much arrived and everyone is getting hyped on football, bonfires and the leaves changing colors. On the other hand fashionistas and fashionmistas are finally getting the chance to wear all of their favorite clothes because Fall is also layering season. We are currently in the time where you can wear a T-shirt, button-down shirt, sweatshirt, vest and a hoodie at the same time.

However, when you start layering up be careful to not overdo it. Don’t worry, I have the answers for all of your layers of questions, get it “layers.” Remember these steps when you layer up your Fall/Winter outfits.

  1. Start with a basic lightweight top. I suggest either a button-down or T-shirt. To keep everything together, stick with a solid, something neutral or striped.

  2. Depending on the temperature, add a cardigan or sweater. You can never go wrong with a solid color cardigan. If you take the alternative route and pick the sweater, have fun with the sweater mix and match patterns.

  3. If Old Man Winter has set in, add a coat or jacket to your Fall look. I suggest a basic color: Camel, Black, Navy, or even Olive Green.

  4. Add a scarf. Trust me a scarf will give your outfit that extra touch of style it needs not to look like another fashion mistake.

  5. Add on your accessories such as: watches, lapels, hats and bracelets.

  6. Be sure to keep the under-layers fitted so they can give your body a slimmer look.

  7. Mix and Match your textures to show your peers and colleagues that you are a fashion guru. If you use all of the same fabrics, your ensemble will look heavy and dowdy which can add the appearance of unwanted weight as well.

With a significant drop in temperatures in the coming weeks and months, follow these steps to keep your Fall/Winter looks stylish.