Mass Communications Department Holds Lunch and Learn Forum


The Mass Communications Department at Alcorn State University (ASU) held a Lunch and Learn forum at the Industrial Technology Building in Room 214 on Thursday, September 27th at 12:15 pm. Beunkka Davis, Director of Marketing and Communications in the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences at Alcorn, was the featured speaker.

Davis has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Alcorn State University, a Master’s degree in Film from Howard University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Urban Higher Education from Jackson State University. She is also the proprietor of a marketing business called Dynasty Media & Management Company.

Dynasty Media & Management Company is a full-service creative marketing and branding studio. Davis stated, “My company helps to bring the client’s ideas to life. It helps to market the client’s company by mastering their message and distinguishing their brand through cutting-edge strategies. It also helps with content to capture the audiences through a masterful print and visual storytelling experience.”

Davis discussed in her presentation all of the ways to be successful in marketing, branding and graphic design. She stressed how celebrities are people of great influence and how they help to make or break companies. One example that she used was how a few years ago Kylie Jenner stated that Snapchat was not in demand anymore and after that comment Snapchat’s users and stock went down. Davis emphasized how demographics help who your target audience is. She also discussed how there are two types of people that you are marketing to. The first type is the people that you already know will like your product and the others are the people that you have to reach. You have to decide how to reach those people without over doing it and trying too hard. She continued by explaining that you should know where to reach your audience which meant if you are trying to reach a younger audience then social media would be the perfect place to market.

Davis gave the audience four key factors on things that they would need that would help them in their future Mass Communications job. An Associated Press (AP) Stylebook was the first because it is an up-to-date version of what to do and what not to do for journalists. Another factor that she suggested was for the Mass Communications majors to get their own camera and begin taking their own pictures because getting your own photos helps to eliminate copyright infringement. She also advised the students to use Grammarly because it helps people to communicate more effectively.

Finally, she emphasized to the students to become more involved in their major by doing internships and shadowing professionals who are in the field. “Short cuts are not for Mass Communications majors but knowing how to do just about everything in your career will help you get that high position that you crave,” stated Davis.  Aubriana Lowery, an attendee at the forum and a Sophomore Mass Communications major stated, “I thought that her presentation was phenomenal and even though I’m not directly overwhelmed by marketing her presentation gave me a spark of interest.”

If you have any questions concerning marketing you can contact Beunkka Davis at (601) 877-6126 or