Mass Communications Honor Society Inducts Newest Members


On October 3rd, Alcorn initiated several Mass Communications students into Alcorn’s chapter of Lambda Pi Eta honor society. Due to social-distancing policies, the event was held via Zoom at 2:00 pm.

The event started with Professor of Mass Communications, Dr. Eric Dogini, who explained the requirements to join the organization. To be inducted, students must complete 60 credits hours with 12 credit hours within Mass Communications and have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 in Communications. Along with a good academic standing, students must also display good behavior and commitment. Once an individual is inducted they are members for life. Alcorn’s chapter, Alpha Chi Alpha, was chartered on October 3rd, 2016 and has inducted 33 students thus far.

There were several guests in attendance including Alcorn’s President, Dr. Felecia Nave and Dr. Antario Wooden, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Toni Terrett, a Mass Communications Professor, introduced the speaker, Attorney Kimberly Nayler. Nayler is a graduate of Alcorn State University where she received her Political Science/Pre-Law degree. She continued her education at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) where she received her law degree in 2005.

Nayler began by addressing students with a story about a butterfly who was in such a rush to grow out of its cocoon and due to its struggle to exit, it caused a small rip within the cocoon. A child saw the butterfly struggling and cut it out. Elated, the butterfly decided it was going to leave, however, once it was exposed to the outside world its body was weak. This is because the cocoon provided life-giving nutrients for the butterfly to gain strength which would allow it to fly. Nayler used this story to show how hard work and determination can be impactful. “It is a great honor to be inducted and just being inducted sets a milestone as the beginning of one’s personal flight into the future. You don’t have to rush your future like that butterfly and take a shortcut on an alternate path. Stay on course, even when difficulties arise and challenge them,” she said.

She finished with three points. The first point was to establish what your goals are and plans you set forth for yourself. Even if you decide to take a few more classes, eventually you will be able to leave your “cocoon” and once you leave Alcorn you will be able to “fly”. The second point was to “fearlessly pursue your established life plan and goals.” In life you may experience setbacks and difficulties, however, those setbacks will establish who you are as a person. It’s best to embrace the setback and ultimately overcome them. Finally, her last point was to live a healthy and productive life. Enjoying life, traveling, working hard, and maintaining your peace is something one should do in order to live a healthy life.

Dr. Felecia Nave spoke next. She congratulated the students for their achievement. One point she mentioned was the impact of COVID-19 and how the pandemic has put society at a standstill. Nonetheless, she explained that it shouldn’t stop one from achieving great things. She delivered a motivational quote that her grandmother used which was, “One monkey don’t stop the show.” COVID-19 doesn’t stop the willingness and commitment to celebrate those who achieve such high scholastic standards. This academic achievement only promotes great value that the school of Arts and Sciences has within it.

Next was the induction of the Fall 2020 initiates which were Destyni Bowie, De’Shne Frye, Trevin Day, Heather Almekdad, Dontraneece Gordon, and Olecia James.

The final aspect of the program was a knowledgeable experience as it explained the meaning of Lambda Pi Eta which comes from the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. L stands for logos or logic, as explained by Mass Communications Professor Larry Sanders. He noted that logic plays a major role in deliberation and problem-solving. Professor Terrett explained Pathos or emotional appeal which is a driving force that makes an organization vital and effective and finally Professor of Mass Communications, Dr. Jerry Domatob, explained Ethos, or ethics as a primary means to promote change in one’s life or society.