Morning Classes vs. Evening Classes


One good thing about college is that you are allowed to customize your class schedule however you like. You can either set all of your classes for the morning or set some in the afternoon. There may even be some semesters where you have one day off every week. Having class every day except Friday sounds lovely. You can make yourself a three-day weekend. Students everywhere would have different arguments on why they would choose morning classes over evening classes, or vice versa. Each type of class has their own list of pros and cons.

• You will be done early. Morning classes usually range from 8:00 am to 11:59 am.

• You can choose from the best professors. Most students end up choosing whatever professor is in the afternoon. That would leave plenty of room in the morning classes so that you can be able to choose the best professor available.

• They can prepare you for life after college. If you apply yourself well enough to pass all of your morning classes, you can use the same thing  with what you get into after you graduate, especially with a career.

• Most importantly, you can go back to sleep right after your morning classes are over.

• You have to get up early. The one thing that college students hate to do is to wake up out of their sleep for something they do not want to do.

• With less distractions, you are more than likely to get sleepy in class if you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep.

• You may not have time for breakfast, unless you get up extra early. Breakfast is always very vital.

• Morning classes are sometimes small, meaning you must participate more than usual. It won’t look so good if you are sleep-deprived.

• They are perfect for the many students who have jobs. Going from work to your night class will give you the flexibility needed to keep up with both academic and financial needs.

• You are normally already wide awake for these. So, you would have plenty of time before class to get ready. There would be no excuse for being late.

• People are more active in this time of the day. You never have to worry about anyone being sleep-deprived or lazy in class.

• You can sleep in if you don’t have any morning classes at all. Nothing is better for students than to wake up in the afternoon.

• You may end up missing out on your normal schedule. Festivities on campus could be going on while you are in class.

• Depending on what time the class ends, you could have a lack of sleep. After getting out, you may take a shower and get ready for bed later than usual.

• They’re inevitable. Every college student has at least one evening class in their college career.