Movie Review: Black and Blue




DATE: OCTOBER 25, 2019

In terms of black entertainment coming from both in front of and behind the camera, the last few years had to be the best representation for African Americans in cinema. The trend started with films such as Get Out, Black Panther, and US. All films that have been critically acclaimed for their modern take on people of color. With so much upcoming black talent rising to finally take the spotlight, it gives the African American community something to look forward to every year. Now it’s time for director, Deon Taylor, and rising actress, Naomie Scott to shine with their newest crime thriller, Black and Blue.

Black and Blue begins in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The opening scene shows Alicia West (Naomi Scott) doing her morning jog around the neighborhood. Suddenly, two police officers in their car stopped her jog and attempted to arrest her. However, West pulled out her badge revealing she was a rookie police officer off duty. After the misunderstanding was resolved, the two police officers drove off and West continued her jog.

West is next seen at the police department putting on her police uniform and body camera to get ready for duty with her partner, Kevin Jennings (Reid Scott). The two patrol around the neighborhood then stop by the convenience store for a snack. As Jennings goes into the store, West waits in the car and notices her old childhood friend, Missy’s (Nafessa Williams) young son with a bad crowd. Since Missy and West had grown apart from each other, she kept her son away from West ever since she became a cop.

Later that day, Jennings was preparing to get off duty, but his superior told him he needed to work the night shift, but Jennings had plans with his wife so West volunteered to take his shift. However, West was on the night shift with a veteran cop that she was unfamiliar with. The two patrolled all night until the sun came up, then all of sudden the veteran cop and West receive a call to go to an abandoned factory. West was told to wait in the car while the veteran cop went inside to check it out, but she heard a gunshot coming from inside the factory. As West sneaked inside the building, she witnessed three other cops murdering three teenagers and they attempt to shoot her on sight. She managed to record the footage on her body camera and must attempt to survive in order to expose the dirty cops.

Black and Blue is an intense crime thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The film is a clear inspiration from the hit film Training Day, but with a modern take on it. The cast does a great job with the roles that they are provided. Most importantly the film keeps the tone as realistic and gritty as possible. Hopefully, more films like this will be made, especially from the perspective of the African American community.

Black and Blue receives 8 stars out of 10 stars.