Movie Review: US






A family vacation to the beach turns into a nightmare when a family’s doppelgangers show up to not only terrorize them but to wipe the entire human race from existence.

After Jordan Peele’s highly successful movie ‘Get Out’, many, including myself, have been waiting in anticipation for his next project. When the first trailer dropped for his new movie ‘US’ people were excited to see if this new film was going to spark yet another conversation of controversy about many things such as race, class, and inclusion.

The film opens with a commercial about the 1986 National Hands Across America campaign. Prior to watching the film I was told to pay very close attention to everything because the smallest things have some sort of significance. The commercial ends and the screen cuts to a mother and father with their daughter Adedalade Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) at the beach. The little girls wanders off, as most children do, and winds up in a situation that will have you side eyeing how she operates throughout the entire film. During the opening scenes Adedalade is now all grown up with a husband Gabe (Winston Duke) and two kids Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Jason (Evan Alex). While on family vacation Gabe informs the family they are going to the exact place that changed Adedalade’s life forever. She mentions that she has this feeling that she has a shadow that lurks but who knows what she’s talking about.

While at their vacation home some strange events begin to happen when suddenly another family enters their home, only for them to realize that they were their own doppelgangers. These copies of themselves want something from them and will do anything to get it, including attacking the family. So they must endure and survive the many attacks, including finding out why this was happening in the first place.

I don’t want to spoil the film and give you too much of the plot because you wouldn’t want to go out and see it. SPOILER ALERT: I hope you didn’t think I was going to tell you everything about the film, but I will tell you that the doppelgangers are called ‘The Tethered’. I know where they came from, but for the sake of not ruining the movie for you that’s all I’ll tell you for now.

The movie is filled with cryptic innuendos and a lot of the moviegoers who have seen the film are wondering what message Jordan Peele was trying to convey. Just like ‘Get Out’ it may be a while before he officially comes out and tells his audience what’s really going on.

On opening weekend the film brought in over $155 million dollars surpassing the production budget of $20 million dollars exponentially. Hopefully next year Peele will be recognized for his brilliance and win an Academy Award for this film but until then I’m going to see it again, so I’ll catch y’all later.

I rate this film a 7 out of 10 stars.