I knew you before I met you.
I am not sure how.
Yet, I remember the lines around your mouth draped in the eve of blue.

I met you somewhere before.
In a land across time.
Where the air was filled with gum trees and waves snuck gently ashore.

We used to hold each other so closely.
As we reveled in spice filled symphonies.
I think we were stars that gazed over humanity.

I remember how it was effortless to fall in love with you.
Like a bee drowning in honey.
Perhaps we were butterflies that crossed paths as we flew.

I’ve heard your voice before as it sounds like thunder.
It stays with me.
Do you think we were tall oak trees who laughed at two lost lovers?

You have been mine before.
This I know for certain.
Perhaps in another life we made an eternal oath of love that boundlessly roars.