Say what you have to
A broken piece of my soul I have given you
What do I need to know?
Every time I walked away
You cried wolf to bring me to my knees
Bowed like a tormented slave
Battle scars on my back and lashes on the cranium

Wretched thoughts you say I have
What I speak against has been left unspoken
Left dead to the mindless public
Behavior of the masses are so predictable
So inevitable

Am I the only one who questioned those
That deceive and make others live in make-believe
The reality is just what I need to see
My eyes opened to the blinded light
The truth has been shown to me
Why shall I fear those who cant even survive themselves?

Introverted to avoid their poison
But I have been sickened by my closed eyes
Open and receive
Release the pain, the hurt
Rebel from the pessimistic regime
Washed clean by the rain
And left in the shadows

It’s alright, It’s ok
I have learned from my mistakes
To make every moment count
To go through, to push back
To fight on….

Say what you have to
I’m not listening
Cry wolf, you can try that failed chess move
No longer your pawn
I spawn from the dust and rise like the radiant sun
I am what I am
I am my own one
Never to follow the crowd
Hated or loved it doesn’t matter
What I become, what I have become
The never-ending savior of my own soul
Just one…..

—–Zion McThomas