Paying the Price

When one thinks about determination, tenacity and ferocity, Consuelo London comes to mind.
Born in Bude, Mississippi to Kassandra and Terry Adams on June 20, 1990, London always strove to be successful in every aspect of her life beginning when she attended Franklin County High School. “I saw the circumstances surrounding me and I decided that my goals would take me to where I needed to go,” she stated. After graduating high school in 2007 she chose to attend Alcorn State University to pursue a degree in Mass Communications because of her interests in writing and pop culture. However after three years at Alcorn State, she transferred to Florida A&M University (FAMU) to experience a different environment. London loved the experience but ultimately decided that it wasn’t the university for her, stating, ” FAMU was a great school but it did not have the same southern values that I was accustomed to.”
After two years in Florida, she returned to Mississippi and attended Antonelli College where she received a degree in Business Administration and Paralegal Studies in one and a half years. London stated, “I decided to take a different route into my second love which is law. Upon graduating from Antonelli, I realized I wanted to get the most education from each career path, so I decided to come back to Alcorn and finish my senior year.” Now an Alcorn senior, she is motivated to be successful and make something out of her life. London’s plans include graduating in the Fall of 2017 from Alcorn with a degree in Mass Communications and attending Atlanta’s Emory Law School in the Spring of 2018. She hopes to become an attorney and also work in the Journalism field.