Preparing For Finals: How to Stress Less


With Finals rearing its head around the corner, it’s time for students to begin preparing for their last tests, projects and assignments of the semester. It can be hard to continue giving your all during this time when Summer break is so close, but students must continue to push through to increase their Grade Point Average (GPA) or to be in good standing with their teachers. Here are some tips on how to study for your Finals and finish out the school year strong.

TIP #1: Set deadlines for yourself. Setting deadlines for yourself whether it’s focusing on starting or finishing an assignment or creating a study guide for a Final is a great way to practice time management and organizational skills. In addition, it also helps cut down on procrastination which in turn, helps you build better habits for school.

TIP #2: Eliminate all distractions. For students, especially college students, it can be quite difficult to really sit down, ignore everything going on around them, and do their work. To fix this, it is best to go in a quiet area such as the library, a computer lab or even your own room. Listening to music while working is a very common thing for people to do but it is also a bad habit. If you have to listen to music to do work, it is suggested that you listen to instrumentals so that you will not get distracted by the words. Putting your cellular device on ‘Do Not Disturb’ is also a great way to cut down on distractions.

TIP #3: Make sure you’re in good standing with your grades. If you currently do not know what your grade is in a class, it is best to step up and ask the teacher before it’s too late. If any extra credit opportunities become available, take it, because you never know when you might need it.

TIP #4: Finish Strong. Students are tired, teachers are tired, and everyone is ready to be out of school. However, it is important that students keep showing up to class so that they will not miss any information they might need on the Final or any upcoming tests/projects. It is imperative that students keep on fighting until their last Final.